The experts from 32 countries and five continents included:

1     John Boatright, Professor of Business Ethics, Loyola University Chicago, on Trust and Integrity in Banking

2     Jan Tullberg, Professor, Stockholm University, on The Concept of Integrity

3     Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Professor of Responsibility, Ethics and Legitimacy of Corporations at Roskilde University, Denmark, speaking on Business Ethics, Strategy and Organizational Integrity:  The importance of integrity as a basic principle of business ethics that contributes to better economic performance

4      Boudewijn de Bruin, Professor of Financial Ethics, University of Groningen, on Integrity in the Financial Services Industry

5      Steven McNamara, American University of Beirut, on Why Financial Industry Integrity Matters and Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies

6      Mollie Painter-Morland, Professor, De Paul University, Chicago, on Integrity  issues facing Media Professionals

7      Chris Cowton, Professor of Accountancy, Huddersfield University, UK on The Public Interest

8       Max Torres, Director, Three-Dimensional Leadership Institute, Michigan, and visiting Professor of Managing People in Organisations at IESE Business School, Barcelona, on Reasons for the Financial Crisis

9       Uma Narain, Professor, Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai, on the Microfinance Crisis in India

10     Doug Thompson, RMIT University, Melbourne, on Bribery and Corruption in Australian Organisations

11      Heidi Hoivik, Professor, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo, on CSR in SMEs

12       Michael Asslaender, Professor of Business Ethics, International Graduate School, Zittau, Germany, on Rethinking Corporate Citizenship

13        Bob Chandler, Professor of Communication, University of Central Florida, on the Ethical Misconduct Disaster and The Challenges of Operationalising Integrity

14        Tobias Gossling, Professor in Organisational Studies at Tilburg, Netherlands on “BP: From Beyond Petroleum to Beyond Integrity” – a case study of BP

15        Con Power, ACCA Regulatory and Disciplinary Committee and author of “Metamorphosis: Lessons from the Formative Years of the Celtic Tiger”   discussing “Central Principles of Professional Ethics and Principles of Professional Ethics as a Model of Decision-Making”

16        Marvin Brown, author of  “Civilising the Economyand Johan Wempe, author of Corporate Integrity who led a panel discussion on economic integrity of business

in addition to other talks on a further variety of integrity related topics which included:

  • Leadership
  • Fraud
  • Trust
  • Philosophers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Stakeholders
  • SMEs on three continents

as well as industry sectors as diverse as

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Forestry and
  • Airlines.

Further details on the speakers is available at:



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