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Some business managers contend that they are relatively exempt from integrity related dilemmas or that ethical or moral pressures do not generally affect them.

In reality, most studies confirm that between 65 and 75 percent of all managers do indeed face major “ethical dilemmas” at some point in their careers.

A dilemma has been described as “a situation seemingly beyond satisfactory resolution” whilst an ethical dilemma has been defined as a “situation where it is not clear what choice morality requires”.

The situation may involve the trade-off between one’s personal values and the quest for increased organisational or personal profit.

However, it may not involve such a trade-off, such as the decision to cut the labour force to either increase profitability/shareholder wealth during good times or perhaps survive during tougher times.

In other words, managers may sometimes feel compelled to do things that they feel ought not be done. Based on the reports of practicing managers, most executives are not actually exempt from dealing with ethical concerns.

In reality, many do face ethical dilemmas … but may not recognise them as such.

Judging from the questions being raised about the propriety of business practices, many decisions clearly have significant consequences, not only for the individuals and their organisation, but also their relationships with key ‘stakeholders’, notably employees and customers.

Ultimately trust in and reputation of both the individuals and organisations involved may be at stake. If managers and employees ask themselves whether personal or corporate trust may be damaged following a decision, there is perhaps a greater ethical element associated with their decision than they may initially appreciate!

Not me? We in EBEN Ireland via this website hope to assist you face such situations!

Been there, done that! Dilemmas are rarely easily resolved!


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