Conference 2011

EBEN Ireland hosted the 2011 EBEN Research Conference at Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street, Dublin, with the support of the TCD Business School and the President, Council and Management of Chartered Accountants Ireland from Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th June.

The conference title was DOES INTEGRITY MATTER? and there were around 80 talks on integrity related matters with speakers from over 30 countries and four continents.

As well as catering for business people and academics, there were sessions of interest to professionals from all walks of life. The speakers were tasked with finding practical solutions for a variety of integrity related problem areas. These were discussed using main sessions (for all), breakout sessions (offering options of particular interest) and panels where a number of experts discussed issues with audience participation.

The speakers were from academic backgrounds and industry. Our academic colleagues do not always have sufficient opportunity to discuss their ideas with business people so their attendance gave them the feedback they required to help make their specialised work more effective in organisations.

The conference also offered those actively engaged in business the opportunity to both speak at such an event and receive feedback from international experts.

The mix of speakers and audience from diverse backgrounds including business, academia, public sector, politics and elsewhere led to a lively and engaging event  highlighting the benefits of behaviour with integrity within and beyond organisations.

DOES INTEGRITY MATTER? presented an opportunity to both hear and engage with experts from all around the world.

Booking and Accommodation details were at:

We would welcome your ideas for future events and indeed suggestions on how you and we together can enhance integrity.


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