ebeni does integrity matter illustrates the entire conference as originally scheduled.

The Conference was held over three days.

Wednesday 8th June had a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility as well as a wide variety of other subjects run simultaneously.

Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June in contrast were predominantly single session on a variety of topics as well as a few optional sessions on Education, Stakeholders and Getting Published in Refereed Journals.

The Thursday had a particularly strong focus on Integrity – in Banking and Financial Services during the morning followed by Leadership and a panel discussion on Integrity in Business and Society during the afternoon.

Friday 10th opened with a session on Misbehaving CEOs which led to a broad corporate governance debate. Unfortunately the video of this session did not work out.

The following session on Corruption and Whistleblowing then Challenges facing Professionals, including serving The Public Interest, also led to an interesting debate which we let develop rather than head to lunch ‘on time’ – the food was still there but the opportunity for the debate would have been lost!!

The final afternoon concluded with a focus on putting integrity into practice including advice on Communications & Integrity and examples from particular industries including Hospitality, Tourism, NGOs / Integrity in Third World work, Petroleum (BP) and Small to Medium Enterprises.

The videos and powerpoints from most of these sessions are under Session Videos on this website. Enjoy! Feedback welcomed!!


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