Being a voluntary not-for-profit body and a registered charity, we would particularly like to show our gratitude to those who have kindly helped us on our way with great understanding of our ethos and ambitions including:

  • Arthur Cox & Co Solicitors – advice and professionalism culminating in our Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Phelan Prescott & Co Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors – annual audit and company secretarial
  • Revenue Commissioners – Charity Section – for their ‘can do’ attitude in facilitating our Registration as a Charity
  • Prof Gene Laczniak – some of our original Website Content
  • Padhraig Nolan Creative & Cawley Nea/ – Identity
  • Mario Silar of EBEN for his practical advice and support on even the most mundane matters!
  • The Executive Committee (ExCom) of EBEN for their support during our founding period and expert advice prior to and during the EBEN Conference we hosted in Dublin
  • Prof Brian Lucey of Trinity College Dublin for co-hosting the EBEN Conference with us, his wise advice and unstinting support
  • The President, John Hannaway, Council, Management and Staff of Chartered Accountants Ireland for supporting our 2011 Conference, hosting it in their resplendent new multi-purpose conference centre and recognising the crucial role Integrity in Business plays in long term business success

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