Flights and VIsas


Visa requirements changed on 25th April 2011 with details whether you require a visa or not at:
Schedule 1 lists those countries whose nationals do not require a visa to enter Ireland.
Therefore nationals of all countries not mentioned on Schedule 1 will require a Visa prior to seeking entry to Ireland.
There is an online application procedure for visas for travelling to Ireland from countries listed at:
If you need a formal invitation to the conference please email and we will forward this.
Although there are 206 routes into Dublin with 78 airlines, for those of you coming from Europe the two main airlines are likely to be Aer Lingus and Ryanair:
Both are well capable of good value booked in advance.
Many European airlines have tried to copy the Ryanair low price model.
Beware – booking too late will lead to much higher prices!
Tip if flying Ryanair – select Priority Boarding to be amongst the first boarding and thus select your seat of choice.
Aer Lingus offer seat selection (but you may be asked to pay for this after your booking).
Aer Lingus also fly from the USA and are better at connections than Ryanair.
With both airlines you should experience good service. It is about a decade since we experienced bad service on either airline.
Irrespective of the airline, put most of your luggage in the hold as some airports (eg London Stanstead) rather than airlines per se are more fussy about heavy hand luggage.
Unlike business ethics, there are no grey areas with Ryanair. They have a very simple Black and White policy. Do what you are asked and you will have no problem. Don’t and it seems their staff are told to have little sympathy.
Those of us who avail of both airlines regularly,  Rules are Rules are Rules appears to be Ryanair’s hidden mantra – maybe if this were more common place in mainstream business behaviour there would be less necessity for business ethics events!
Directions from Dublin Airport
There is a bus and taxi lane for much of the journey from the airport to city  so not much difference between the two time wise (approx thirty minutes) with buses obviously much more reasonable!
For taxis exit airport arrivals and turn right.
For buses exit terminal and turn left; some have a kiosk inside the airport terminal, most just buy a ticket on the bus.
The coaches are better equipped for luggage (746, 747, 748 & privately owned Aircoach) than the others which are generally double decker buses.

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