0900  – 0930 The Public Interest
Chris Cowton The Public Interest Professor of Accounting & Dean, University of Huddersfield Business School; Editor of Business Ethics: A European Review
0930 – 1100 PANEL – Corruption and Whistleblowing
Doug Thomson The acceptance of bribery and corruption in Australian organizations Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Willeke Slingerland Moral Integrity Systems International Law lecturer, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, Netherlands; Lead researcher TI National Integrity Systems study Netherlands
Ching-Pu Chen Chih-Tsung Lai The Effects of Moral Intensity and Organizational Commitment on Whistle-blowing Intention and Behaviour – A Moderated Mediation Model Professor and Doctoral Student, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Wim Vandekerckhove The Content of Whistleblowing Procedures-A Critical Review of Recent official Guidelines Senior Lecturer HR & OB, University of Greenwich Business School, London, UK
John Devitt Irish Initiatives CEO Transparency International Ireland & International Board Member
1100  – 1130 Coffee Break
1130  – 1245 PANEL – Professional Responsibilities – to whom? Chair: Chris Cowton
Con Power Central Principles of Professional Ethics as a Model of Moral Decision-Making ACCA Regulatory Panel, Economist, Chairman State Boards
Anthony Brabazon Integrity in the Construction Industry CEO, ABA Architects & Founder
Michael Asslaender Janina Curbach From Corporate Bourgeois to Corporate Citoyen : ReThinking the Citizenship Understanding of Corporations Michael is Professor of Business Ethics, International Graduate School, Zittau, Germany. Janina is a consultant, academic author and professional trainer in the field of CSR/Social Sustainability and teaches at various German universities.
1245 – 1400 LUNCH
1400 – 1500 PANEL – Role of Communications in Integrity
Bob Chandler Assessing Ethical Integrity and the Communication Indicators of Organizational Integrity Model Professor of Communication and Director of the Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida
Henry Silverman Reuters: Principles of Trust or Propaganda? Professor, Heller College of Business, Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA
Julian Clarke Blueprint for Trust Restoration Chartered Accountant & Management Consultant; Chair EBEN Ireland
1500  – 1530 Integrity in Industry
Tobias Gössling From Beyond Petroleum to Beyond Integrity – A Case Study of BP’s “Green Narratives” Professor, Organisation Studies, Tilburg Sustainability Center, Netherlands
1530  – 1600 Coffee Break
1600  – 1800 PANEL – Integrity in Industry Chair: Marvin Brown
Peter Waring CEO’s Behaving Badly – Sexual Misconduct and Corporate Governance Professor and Deputy CEO, University of Newcastle, Singapore
Ruud Welton Integrity in the Hospitality Industry Professor Ethics and CSR in Hospitality Business, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Bob Chandler The Challenges of Operationalizing “Integrity” Professor of Communication and Director of the Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida
Lilian Wanderley Corporate Social Responsibility against Child Sex Tourism: a study about the Code and tour operators Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, Netherlands
Heidi von Weltzien Hoivik Implementing CSR in SMEs Professor, BI Norwegian School of Management, Oslo, Norway
David Campbell Trust Maintenance as a Motive for Strategic Philanthropy: UK Building Societies & Demutualisation Senior lecturer in accounting and ethics at Newcastle University Business School, UK. Host of the 2012 conference. Director of AGES (Accountability, Governance, Ethics and Sustainability) Research Group
 Conference 2012 Details
1800 Conference Close

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