Leadership and Integrity


Plenary Session   Thursday 9th June 2011


  • Ethical Leadership – New Approach – Justine Lutterodt (Psychologist; Director, Centre for Synchronous Leadership, London, UK)
  • Three Dimensional Leadership –  Prof Max Torres (Professor of Managing People in Organisations, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain & Director the Three-Dimensional Leadership Institute, Michigan, USA)
  • Leadership – Marvin Brown (University of San Francisco, USA)
  • Self-respect as a foundation to integrate integrity in responsible leadership – Dr Nathan Ganesh (University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)
  • Interconnected Leadership for Integrity –  Leo Sonnevald, Chairman, Interconnectedness Foundation, Netherlands)
  • 40 Leadership Traits from Ireland – Julian Clarke (Chartered Accountant & Management Consultant; Chair, EBEN Ireland)

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