About us – EBEN and EBENI

EBEN or the European Business Ethics Network is the foremost business ethics organisation in Europe with local chapters in 18 countries (20 if you include all three Scandinavian countries!) and with individual members from over 40 countries:

AustriaBelgiumCyprus,  Finland,  FranceGermanyGreeceIsraelItalyIreland, the NetherlandsPolandPortugalScandinaviaSpainSwitzerlandTurkey & the United Kingdom.


EBEN Ireland is a registered charity. Extracts from our legal documents describe “European Business Ethics Network Ireland”, abbreviated to “EBEN Ireland”, as a voluntary, charitable body founded with ambitions including:

  1. Promoting all aspects of business ethics and of conducting business with integrity
  2. Supporting business ethics teaching; education of the business community and the public
  3. Holding seminars, conferences and meetings with the aim of providing a forum and source of advice for organisations and individuals from all walks of life
  4. Maintaining a website promoting good business ethics and informing about events, research and publications
  5. Promoting research and events in ethics related areas such as Corporate Governance, Corporate Integrity, Corporate Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Fostering good relations with like minded bodies in Ireland and overseas and promoting appropriate collaboration particularly within the EBEN network
  7. Maintaining contacts with the local business communities and other parties who are interested in the ethical dimensions of business
  8. Highlighting the benefits arising from ‘ethical businesses’ and the advantages of good organisational behaviour in Ireland and overseas
  9. Supporting research conducted by companies, institutions and private persons that pursue objectives similar to those pursued by EBENI
  10. Promoting the activities of groups interested in business ethics

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